Dress Code

Killington/Pico has a policy regarding Appearance and Dress Code standards. Our expectation is that you will abide by this policy while working with us. Some departments may have a more restrictive policy for safety and operational reasons, but the following standards cannot be relaxed.


  • Good personal hygiene must be practiced daily.
  • Hair must be clean, neatly trimmed and groomed. Fad hairstyles (unnatural hair coloring, partially shaven head, Mohawks, hairstyles that cover the eyes, etc.) are not permitted. Dreadlocks may be permitted if well maintained. Hair that is long must be tied back in areas where safety or sanitation conditions require it. Certain departments may have additional policies for safety and/or health department reasons. Hair of an otherwise unacceptable style or length may not be hidden underneath a hat to avoid this policy.
  • Mustaches & Beards must be neatly trimmed daily. Staff without beards or mustaches must be clean-shaven. If a staff member does not have a beard and/or mustache at the time of hire, he must be clean-shaven at the start of his work shift each day. Beards and/or mustaches may be grown during time off from work and must be completely grown in upon return to work.
  • Sideburns must be neatly trimmed and are not permitted to be longer than the bottom of the earlobe.
  • Jewelry and Piercing: Jewelry and piercing of an excessive, offensive or fad nature will not be worn. The amount, size and type of jewelry may be restricted in your department due to operational requirements. In general, staff will be allowed to wear a maximum of two earrings in each/either ear during work hours. Earlobe stretching is permitted – holes must be filled with a plug/tunnel and must be no bigger than 10mm. Piercing of the tongue and nose must meet management’s expectation of a conservative and professional image. As examples of what may constitute this image, small tongue studs that do not affect speech and small studs no larger than 1/16 inch in diameter pierced through the side of the nose and flush to the skin may be acceptable in some departments. Any other type of visual piercing (i.e., eyebrow, lip, etc.), is not allowed. In the event that your department has more stringent requirements, or if management determines that your appearance does not meet these general guidelines, you will be required to remove the jewelry or piercing in question to remain in the workplace.
  • Tattoos: The company reserves the right to ask staff with excessive and/or offensive tattoos to cover them during work hours.
  • Name tags (your own) are to be worn at all times. *See Name Tags policy.
  • Blue Jeans or blue denim pants or skirts are not allowed in any areas except construction, summer mountain maintenance, a non-uniformed maintenance area, and in areas where soiling is of issue only (these areas must be approved by a senior level manager). When colored jeans are worn they must be in good condition (not patched, torn, faded or bleached).
  • Shorts in summer are considered acceptable attire (no gym or running shorts, no cut-offs and no excessively short or excessively long "Jam" style or excessively tight shorts). Safety concerns in some areas may prohibit wearing shorts.
  • Sagging of slacks, shorts, pants or jeans is not allowed. Sagging is a manner of wearing clothing below the waist, hanging below the waist area and therefore revealing much of the underwear and dropping the crotch of the pants very low.
  • Low-rise slacks, shorts, pants or jeans that expose underwear or skin are not allowed.
  • Proper footwear with proper treads appropriate for your job and conditions is required at all times. No worn or dirty sneakers are allowed.
  • Promotional clothing and hats from other companies may not be worn at work unless they have been authorized by a senior level manager. Clothing from other Powdr resorts or from sponsors of Killington/Pico events are acceptable with authorization of the appropriate supervisor/event coordinator.

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