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KILLINGTON, VT (Winter 2008/09) – Killington Resort continues to implement innovative energy conservation measures and environmental management practices to reduce energy consumption and the resort’s overall carbon footprint.

Killington Resort’s parent company, Powdr Corp is recognized as one of nine organizations to receive the 2008 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The annual awards recognize the country’s leading green power purchasers for their commitment and contribution to advancing the development of the nation’s voluntary green power market. 

”Killington always had an ongoing environmental program, including waste water conservation, snowmaking efficiency and support of regional transportation,” said Chris Nyberg, Killington’s president and general manager. “However, since the resort was purchased by Powdr Corp. and SP Land in May of 2007, we have been able to initiate many new programs that acknowledge climate change and our belief that we can become a more sustainable business.”

For the 2008/09 season, Killington Resort expands upon its on-going environmental initiatives through implementation of the following programs:

• Offsetting 100 percent of its electric use through renewable energy sources
• Snowmaking - 25 percent increase of Low Energy Snow Guns and installation of new isolation valves and upgraded pump house units
• Capturing heat generated by snowmaking compressors to heat the maintenance shop and snowmaking drying room
• Lodge lighting retrofit with new T8 Low Ballast factor standard recommended by Efficiency Vermont

Renewable Energy Credits
Killington Resort purchased 26,199,909 kWh of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through Boulder, Colorado-based Renewable Choice Energy, an award-winning renewable energy and carbon offset provider of Green-e certified sources such as wind, biomass and small hydro.

Killington’s REC purchase will eliminate more than 17,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere - an amount equivalent to emissions produced by the annual electricity consumption of approximately 2,079 average homes.

Snowmaking: Less energy and improved snowmaking firepower
Killington Resort’s snowmaking system, the most extensive in the world, consumes more power than all other resort operations combined. Over the past six years, more than $6.5 million have been poured into snowmaking improvements to increase system efficiency.

For the 2008/09 season Killington purchased an addition 124 Low Energy snow guns, added new air/water flow isolation valves and variable flow devices, the combination of which is projected to save 409,812 of kWh.

The increased use of Low Energy snow guns and improved system efficiencies has reduced Killington’s diesel consumption by more than 30 percent and electricity by 25 percent over the past three years.

Snowmaking Compressor Heat Exchange
By capturing heat from our snowmaking compressors, we will eliminate the use of a dedicated fuel oil fired hot air furnace to dry snowmakers clothing during the 100 day snowmaking season, heat our vehicle maintenance facility and eliminate 21.88 tons of CO2 emissions.

Lighting Retro Fit
This $43,000 project upgraded all florescent lighting fixtures at the Bear Mountain and K-1 base lodges and the Peak Restaurant to the new T8 Low Ballast factor to meet the new Efficiency Vermont standard, saving13,465 kWh annually. In addition, motions detecting light switches were also installed to reduce electric consumption.

Freeaire Refrigeration Energy Project
A Freeaire refrigeration project took place in fall of 2007 on six of the resort’s 10 walk-in coolers.

The Freeaire system, which was developed by Richard Travers of Warren, Vermont, uses cold outside air to chill walk-in coolers and high-efficiency evaporator fan motors, saving the resort more than 86,389 kilowatt hours of electricity while eliminating an estimated 58 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The project was captured by a production crew from Discovery Network’s Science Channel and aired as part of the “Invention Nation” series.

Killington Resort and Pico Mountain have implemented a full co-mingle recycling program throughout all our facilities, including all six day lodges. This project reduces the resort’s overall waste by 113 tons annually.

Additional recycling within maintenance operations include:
o All anti-freeze (350 gallons per year)
o Waste Oil for energy recovery (5,000 gallons per year)
o Laundered Rag recycle for shop use
o Battery and tire recycling
o Nearly exclusive use of latex paint to reduce hazardous wastes
o Use of sorbents and wringer to recover waste oil
o Use of recycled parts washer to eliminate spent solvents
o White paper and cardboard recycling
o Gas water recycling
o Use of air vacuum to recover waste oil
o Mercury bulb waste stream reduction

Water Conservation Measures
The source of snowmaking water has been supplemented by the use of the Woodward Reservoir.  This conservation measure has allowed the historical flows in local streams to be maintained, and in some cases increased, to insure protection for aquatic species. At the same time the snowmaking water supply can now support future growth without impacts to natural resources. In addition, the cold water pulled from the depths of Woodward Reservoir reduces the need to power cooling plants at the resort prior to pumping water through the snowmaking system.

Additional water conservation measures have been achieved through an innovative design to use recycled waste water systems throughout restroom facilities at our six base lodges, which saves up to 30,000 gallons of fresh water a day during peak usage and will be expanded in the future.

Support of the Regional Transit Provider
Killington Resort is the largest private contributor to “The Bus” - The Marble Valley Regional Transportation District. The Killington Region Transit Expansion Plan was a proactive response to the Village Master Plan proposed in 1998 to reduce traffic impacts to the region.  Current ridership for the region exceeds 800,000 one way trips, with resort related trips exceeding 375,000, of which 75,000 are commuter and employee related - which continues to increase each year.

The combined efforts of the state, the resort and regional business supports the nearly a $1 million operating budget. The objective is to reduce the dependence on the automobile, drastically reducing emissions in the region, and to creating a pedestrian friendly village that is contiguous to the surrounding community.

Green Mountain College Partnership
Green Mountain College provides resort industry career training, educational outreach and consultants to develop operating strategies to manage overall energy consumption. Killington Resort contributes to these programs by providing hands-on classroom experience, instructors and internships for students.

Printed Collateral
Killington Resort supports the highest social and environmental standards in the market for paper printed collateral. The 2007-08 Killington and Pico Mountain Trail maps and all resort collateral have been printed on FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper.

Alternative Energy Sources and Conservation Measures
We continue to research alternative energy sources for participation in the future development of: wind energy, cow power (methane gas production) through Central Vermont Public Service, wood chip power generation and natural and cryogenic gas plants.

We continue to work with energy conservation consultants to find new ways to economize and reduce energy consumption, including kitchen equipment, motor controllers and rebuilds, cooler economizers, lighting upgrades and green building design.

Additional goals and programs built into the Killington Resort conservation program:
• Pursue energy conservation measures through Demand Side Management
• Full implementation of CFLs
• No-idle policy implemented in December of 2007 for all company vehicles, including snowmobiles and snowcats
• Keep abreast of energy reduction and efficiency opportunities
• In addition, Killington Resort endorses the National Ski Areas Association Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter for Ski Areas and the Keep Winter Cool Campaign

About Killington Resort
The largest ski and snowboard resort in eastern North America, Killington debuts $8.4 million in improvements for its 50th Birthday Season, including the new Skye Peak Express and “The Stash.” Killington Resort features diverse terrain, an expansive lift network, the most extensive snowmaking system in the world and numerous off-mountain activities, including après, dining, shopping and lodging options.