#beastwinter :: 125 Days and Counting

#beastwinter :: 125 Days and Counting


The Superstar glacier has been built in anticipation of a very long spring and we’re still skiing, still snowboarding and we’re still 100% open.

The #beastwinter ever rolls on, but we’re taking a moment to reflect on days 100-125, they will not be forgotten any time soon! 

We’ve been busy…


Still about that base.


The heroic work of the snowmakers added some serious depth on Superstar and other Skye Peak trails like Bittersweet and Skyelark. The mound atop Superstar is arguably the biggest it has ever been.

Still snowing. 

scarecrow woods.JPG

Snowmkaing production has been incredible, but let's not forget about the fresh 25" of natural snow courtesy of Mother Nautre in the 25 days since Day 100. For those of you counting at home that brings us to 175" for the season, and there's more in the forecast. March is historically the snowiest month of the year at Killington.

Looking at you, June! 

Snowmaking has wrapped for the season, but Jeff knows how to make it last. 

Still eventful.

space jam.jpg

The past 25 days have been loaded with events from Mini Shred Madness at Pico Mountain to the first ever NeffLand Space Jam at Killington. Plus, we've got a packed event calendar to take us all the way to May.

Still learning, still turning.

4- CashJ_FB_SkiSchool_V7A7216.jpg

The Snow Sports School has kept busy, introducing beginners to new sports and sharing the love of snow. Our Terrain Based Learning at Snowshed and Ramshead, the largest facility in the United States, has changed the way we teach, and the way you learn. Check it out!

Still adventuring.

Dan Egan's final clinic of the season is coming up March 21-22, 2015. Two days of coaching from a living legend, plus two lift tickets, lunches at Ovations and video analysis each afternoon? Sign me up!

Still cashing in. 

Gondolas are great on cold days, offering respite from the elements.

They're even greater when you get paid to ride them.


The 100 Club is growing.


Rick S – 125
Donald M – 125
Paul H - 112
Lynn M - 106
Chuteman S - 104
Poopsie S – 104
Jim N - 101
Jonathan C - 100
Sandra K - 100
Rick S - 100
Nathan C - 98
Rob K - 98
Rip L - 98
Jackie N - 98
Tucker L - 97
Ronald W - 96
Bradley L - 95
Richard K - 93
Jon L - 93
Raymond R - 92
Cindy B - 91
Joseph M - 91
Greg P - 91
Dave L - 90
Richard P - 90

See you on Superstar!

looking down.jpg

Don't miss out on the sunny skies and soft snow ahead. Get your Spring Pass now and ski or ride from March 14 through the end of the season.

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