#beastwinter :: 150 Days and Counting

#beastwinter :: 150 Days and Counting


The never ending #beastwinter is charging full-bore into what most people call spring, but before we look ahead, let’s look back at days 125-150. 

Press play.


From the top.

Guests keep piling on the praise. Probably because the mound atop Superstar is larger than life.


Parking, lots.

The Killington Parks competition series has wrapped for the year, but we'll have features in the snow until the bitter end.

From Slash and Berm to The Hibernation, our competitions tested speed, style and creativity.

Up next? The Superstar rail yard.


The most interesting après in the world.


You sent it huge to the airbag for the XX Big Air Challenge. Now put your feet up and work on that goggle tan.



Beast life.

Follow two of Killington's finest through the YEARS on their Killington journeys. 


Spring things.

The calendar says spring but the mountain says WINTER. We've added bonus weekends at the Peak Lodge, Skyeship Gondola, Ramshead and Pico.

Get the details.


NOR'BEASTER rolls on with pond skimming, the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge, the Dazed and Defrosted music festival, the Killington Triathlon and much more! 


Don't miss another minute. Get your pass in gear now!

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