Gear Up to Beat the Chill


Killingon has racked up over 60 inches of fresh snow and 128 trails are already open this season - these holiday season conditions are better than we’ve seen in years. Don’t miss a day of shredding just because of a little chill in the air, follow these tricks from Killington Sports Retail Manager, Ben Colona to stay warm and on the mountain.

We're looking at a chilly forecast this week. How should we prepare?

"There are so many good ways to stay warm out there. Your face being covered is key - keep an eye out for your friends and watch for white spots on exposed skin, because that's the start of frostbite. Gaiters, balaclavas, anything warm and dry over your face is really important."

Face coverage, check. What's next? Hats and gloves, right?

"Hats get wet, and wet is cold. Helmets are warmer than hats and provide protection from falls. Helmet technology has come a long way in the last few years - all-weather liners, Bluetooth compatibility, custom venting and sizing, goggle integration - and that's just the beginning. Every head is unique, and you can really hone in your fit with modern helmets." 

So, helmets and gloves. What else?

"I'd actually recommend mittens over gloves. Look for a down insulated mitten with a liner and grab a pair of wool socks. Hand warmers and toe warmers always help, too. It's the best $3 you'll spend all day.

Any other new tech we should watch out for?

"Goggles are really great in cold weather, and this year both Oakley and Smith have new lenses. Look for a goggle that integrates well with your helmet for the best face and eye protection and fog prevention. It's a way better option than sunglasses."

Any final tips?

"Three layers. A warm base layer, I always suggest the Under Armour 2.0 Base Layer; a mid-layer like a thin puffy; and a wind-proof outer layer. You'll keep your temperature more consistent when heading in and out of doors."

"Ride the K-1 or Skyeship gondolas every other run - the cabins provide relief from the wind and will give you a chance to warm up a bit"

"Drink plenty of water when you're inside - it's important to stay hydrated."

Come see Ben at Killington Sports in the Snowshed Base Lodge.

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