Killington Parks :: K-Town Showdown

Killington Parks :: K-Town Showdown


From groms on up, the beginning of Dream Maker's season meant big moves and a sweet set up. Check out the recap of this year's K-Town Showdown and the winners below.

Thanks to everyone who came out!



Grom Skiing

1. Max Tarricone

2. Matt Labaugh

3. Ben Mason

Grom Snowboarding

1. Evan Block

2. Mac Catrabone

3. Dean Cardullo



Women's Skiing

1. Miranda Holson


Men's Skiing

1. Calvin Lyons

2. Sam Putnam

3. Brandon Westburg




Women's Snowboarding

1. Jamie Trayer

2. Danielle Sweet


Men's Snowboarding

1. Tim Major

2. Spencer Bell

3. Joey Leon

Honorable Mention: Bobby VanHouten


Up next...


Stay tuned for the Super Pipe! Until then, always building.




See you in the park.

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