Killington Parks :: Loaded Turkey 2016

Killington Parks :: Loaded Turkey 2016


Traditions are simple, easily passed on from one generation to the next. And Killington’s Loaded Turkey Rail Jam, the first resort-hosted rail jam on the East Coast, is tradition at its finest.

Loaded Turkey kicks off the terrain park competition season every November, hosting nearly 100 competitors from the surrounding area who make the trek to Killington in anticipation of landing a podium spot, which of course means a highly coveted entry into Rails 2 Riches.

DYoung Snb Joey
Joey Leon sliding his way to the top of the Men's Open Snowbaord Division.

Standard for November on the east coast, Ma’ Nature always calls the shots at Loaded Turkey, providing roller coaster weather patterns and this year plenty of fresh snow to pound the course during competition.

Cirilli Ski Male Tretter
A competitor works through the snow. P:Peter Cirilli

Enter the Killington Parks Crew, who pulled off a great season opener despite a venue change to the very top of Great Northern just steps off the K-1 Express Gondola. Rosey and crew debuted a new round stock s-rail and fit in a couple more features for the competitors to get creative on.

With a new venue and the challenge of fresh snow slowing down athletes, judges decided to select the podium with an overall impression format, allowing the competitors to session the venue for a full hour in an open jam. The level of talent and progression we’ve seen in this event over the years, coupled with the growing number of grom competitors, is a great sign of things to come this winter.

Cirilli Female Snb Ashlyn
Ashlyn Overland earning her spot as Top Snowboard Grom. P:Peter Cirilli
Cirilli Ski Female Montana
Montana Osinski, the youngest Women's Open Ski winner of Loaded Turkey. P: Peter Cirilli

At the end of Loaded Turkey 2016, Thorn Merrill, Maggie Leon and Joey Leon topped their divisions, earning entries into Rails 2 Riches. Other competitors on the podium went home with all the fixings for a turkey day dinner and some great prizes from our sponsors, GoPro, Under Armour, Monster Energy, SPY Optics, Line Skis and Never Summer.

Cirilli Snb Maggie
Maggie Leon. P: Peter Cirilli
Chandler Ski Merrill
Thorn Merrill

PODIUM and Full Gallery

Cirilli Female Grom Podium  
Grom Snowboard: Ashlyn Overland // Grom Ski: Thomas Baltay (not pictured)

Cirilli Female Ski Podium
Female Open Ski: 1st Montana Osinski, 2nd Connie Brogden, 3rd

Cirilli Female Snowboard Podium
Female Open Snowboard: 1st Maggie Leon, 2nd Jamie Trayer, 3rd Dani Sweet

Cirilli Male Ski Podium
Male Ski Open: 1st Thorn Merill, 2nd Brandon Westburg, 3rd Jack Finn

Cirilli Male Snowboard Podium
Male Snowboard Open: 1st Joey Leon, 2nd Jake Gaudet, 3rd Dave Parnell

Next up: Rails 2 Riches on Saturday, December 17th.

R2R is the largest and most lucrative rail jam event in the East, and the Killington Parks Crew brings the biggest set-up for the fiercest competition of the season. Skiers and riders from across the world will gather at Killington and lay it all on the line in hopes of winning a piece of the $25,000 purse.

With live music, bonfires and a final under the lights, you do not want to miss out on the action - come and get it.

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