Killington Parks :: Loaded Turkey 2017

Killington Parks :: Loaded Turkey 2017


It’s become commonplace to mention tradition when talking about the Loaded Turkey Rail Jam. One of the longest standing early season, and the first resort-hosted competitions on the East Coast, it’s a gathering unlike most others throughout the season.

A consistent field of near 100 competitors find their way to Killington each November, and for many, their days on snow haven’t yet reached a handful. This is a chance to knock off the rust, show off that new trick learned at summer camp, and to re-connect with their shred fam for the first time of the season. The vibes are always high, the level of competition always impresses, and, oh… we’re all aware by now that an entire Thanksgiving dinner is handed out on the podium, right? If that’s not enough to separate Loaded Turkey from the pack, landing atop the podium and securing a highly coveted entry into Rails 2 Riches is the gravy on the turkey.

Joey Leon, Loaded Turkey Rail Jam 2017
Joey Leon on his way to the top step of the podium for the second season in a row.

Now, about November 19th. While tradition is staple to this event, we really wish Ma’ Nature would abandon her weather patterns each and every time this contest comes around. It’s not that we ever let her put a damper on things, but maybe just once, we could see the sunshine for this rail jam. Until then… we’ll lean on the Killington Parks Crew to keep it dialed.

Jesse Paroline, Loaded Turkey Rail Jam 2017
Local, Jesse Paroline, sending it in any and all conditions.

Battling against fog, rain, and an aggressive drop in temps that would bring snowfall just as the competition kicked off, park crew delivered a venue that had everyone stoked. A 26ft classic up-flat, built up on an elevated pad, was a favorite on the day. Accompany that with a mini rainbow box-zilla of sorts, a 30ft diving board style flat bar, and a technical transfer feature consisting of two 16ft rails and a ball jib, the venue was the perfect combo of tech and fun.

John Garoutte, Loaded Turkey Rail Jam 2017
John Garoutte finessing his way through the transfer feature.
Brandon Westburg, Loaded Turkey Rail Jam 2017
Brandon Westburg in top form, looking for that Rails 2 Riches call up.

Categorized by discipline, skiers and snowboarders took to the course for 30 minute sessions, being judged in an overall impression format. The level of talent is always pushed at this event, but the progression we’ve seen in the Grom division over the past couple of seasons is a seriously good sign for the future.

Jonathon Seiforth, Loaded Turkey Rail Jam 2017
Grom standout, Jonathon Seiforth, going big.

Walking away with top honors and entry into Rails 2 Riches were the 2017 winners, Brian Gardiner, Erika Lemp, Maggie Leon, and Joey Leon. It was a close run to the podium and there’s a good chance we’ll see all these names again in the Rails 2 Riches final, at the very least.

Full Podium Results:

Men’s Ski Open Men’s Snowboard Open
1st – Brian Gardiner
2nd – Andrew Bock
3rd – Alex Keimel
1st – Joey Leon
2nd – LJ Twombly
3rd – Jake Gaudet
Women’s Ski Open Women’s Snowboard Open
1st – Erika Lemp
2nd – Montana Osinski
3rd – Teneri Thompson
1st – Maggie Leon
2nd – Savannah Shinske
3rd – Jamie Trayer

Top Snowboard Grom: Jonathon Seiforth
Top Ski Grom: Ryan Jamieson

Video Recap:

Next up: Rails 2 Riches on December 9th.

Rails 2 Riches is the largest and most lucrative rail jam event in the East, and the Killington Parks Crew brings the biggest set-up for the fiercest competition of the season. Skiers and riders from across the globe will gather at Killington and lay it all on the line in hopes of winning a piece of the $25,000 purse.

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