Photography Tips from The Beast

Photography Tips from The Beast


Bring your ski vacation photos to the next level with these insider photography tips from Killington Resort’s Photographers.

Where to Go: The Peak. Catch a ride on the K-1 Gondola and head up to Killington’s Peak for the best views on the mountain. If you walk down the stairs toward the Peak Lodge you can find the perfect vista of snowy trees and rolling mountains. You can also find some other great backdrops of mountain views at the top Bear Mountain and Superstar. If you’re looking to include our famous gondolas in your photos, consider skiing down Cascade which follows the K-1 Gondola down the mountain or pose at the top of the Skye Peak Express Quad where the Skyeship Gondola passes by. If the goal is to have Killington Mountain itself in the background of your photo, we recommend the upper Snowshed parking lot or skiing down Highline. From up there you have a beautiful elevated view of the mountain and it’s a perfect back drop to capture your ideal vacation photo. 

12.21.17 V2.jpg

Photo taken from the peak. Photographer: Chandler Burgess 

Pro-Tips: Consider the Rule of Thirds before taking your photos. Frame your picture with imaginary grid lines; two sitting horizontal and two sitting vertical across your photo, creating nine even squares. The idea is to place your subjects at the crossroads of these gridlines. By not centering your subjects in your photo it is more appealing to the eye. Conveniently, you can easily change the settings on most camera phones to place the gridlines on your screen for you. With the gridlines turned on you can easily place your subjects on the crossroads to capture a better image.


Photo showing the rule of thirds. Photographer: David Young

Turn on the HDR setting when taking a landscape photo. In the HDR or “High Dynamic Range” setting, the camera combines 3 different exposures in one photo to create a perfectly exposed image. Most phone cameras will have an HDR symbol on the main camera screen that can easily be tapped on and off. 


Photo captured using HDR. Photographer: Martha Howe

Remember to always put yourself in a safe spot when you are taking your photos. Consider your location and other skiers around you to ensure your safety before capturing the perfect moment.

When you’re ready to post your photos on social media don’t forget to use #beast365!

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