Up Next :: Killington Triathlon 2015

Up Next :: Killington Triathlon 2015


The Killington Triathlon is an annual tradition, but this year's race is going to feel more like a winter expedition than a summer jaunt. It's time to wake those legs up and slip the bumps down Superstar, crank your pedals through the snow, mud and gravel, and sprint your way to the finish line. It's all going down May 2, 2015: are you ready to suffer?

Check out our five steps to Triathlon success below.


1. MAP IT.

The Killington Triathlon will take you from the snow of Superstar trail across mutliple mountain areas. We still have so much snow that we're mapping a fresh course - stay tuned right here for the release of the official map. You're going to need it!


2. SKI.

Take on Superstar's spring bumps on your weapon of choice; both skis and snowboards are welcome. Just make those turns count, you're on the clock, and people are watching.

3. BIKE.

Guarantee: surfaces will vary, and things will get a little sloppy. You should probably bring extra socks.


4. RUN.

Expect about three miles of rugged terrain underfoot with plenty of finish-line adoration from your cheering fans. Yeah baby!



Game faces on. Sign up here, and we'll see you at the starting line.


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