2013-14 Season Pass News

2013-14 Season Pass News


We have some pretty significant changes to our season pass program next year, and I wanted to explain the thought process behind these adjustments. We have frozen all pass prices for next year, and even lowered several of them. Many of you already know that you can attach your credit card to your season pass or express card so you don’t need to carry your wallet. Next year we are also adding a program called “Beast Bucks” that allows guests to load a predetermined amount of money on a pass (instead of charging your card each time). We have also included preloaded cash (Beast Bucks) on several of the passes, to reward existing passholders that are renewing with us for the 2013-14 season.

One of our strategies moving forward is to continue to focus on families and youth, to ensure that we are creating the skiers and riders that will help grow our sport in the future. In association with our sister company, Woodward, we will continue to focus on the youth action sports segment.

Here is the pricing for 2014 season passes, set to go on sale March 16, 2013. Look for more info online in the coming week.


  • We are rolling out an Unlimited Season Pass for youth (ages 7-18) for $499 (early rate). This is almost a 30% decrease in price for this segment! 
  • This year, a Killington Youth Pass offers FREE skiing at Powdr resorts across the country! More on this in future communications.
  • We created a value offering for youth at Pico in our $75 Vermont School Pass this past year, and this year, for out of state youth, we’re offering a $149 early option. This is a 32% drop in price! There will also be a $299 Killington season pass for Vermont school-age kids in grades K-12. The Powdr offer does not apply to Pico.

Adults, ages 19 to 29

  • We are offering a NEW Millennial Pass (Unlimited) at the early rate of $599! For this age segment this is a 43% drop in price!

Adult & Senior Unlimited 

  • If you’re renewing an Adult or Senior Unlimited pass from last year, we are freezing the price of a pass as well as loading $100 Beast Bucks onto your pass to be used for the 2013-14 Season. 
  • We’ll be offering a Super Senior Pass for $39 to folks over 80. We figure if you’ve been skiing that long, you should be rewarded.
  • If you’re renewing a Blackout Pass from last year, we are freezing the price of a pass as well as loading $50 Beast Bucks onto your pass to be used for the 2013-14 Season. You will still have the ability to ski any three blackout days of your choice.

Spring Passes

  • As previously announced, we are offering unlimited skiing and riding for the spring from March 15, 2013, through the end of the season for $199! Hopefully you’ve seen the commitment we’ve made to spring by viewing the glacier on Superstar. 


Please note: The 2013-14 Season Passes are NOT valid for the spring of 2013. Beast Bucks can be used in base lodge food venues, cafeterias, Ovations Restaurant, retail locations, the Killington Snow Sports School, and similar. This functioning resort credit is only available to those who had a valid pass in 2012-13, and will be activated for next season, 2013-14. Of course, any passholder must buy by June 13, 2013, to get early rates and renewal bonuses!

In the meantime, check out updates to our NOR’BEASTER line-up of events.

Best regards,

Mike Solimano
President and General Manager
Killington Resort & Pico Mountain

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