Construction is Underway for the All-New Killington Peak Lodge

Construction is Underway for the All-New Killington Peak Lodge


Killington Resort is investing nearly $7 million in the removal of the original building and the replacement facility that will feature a multilevel restaurant, meeting space facility as well as optimal vistas from nearly every point inside the building.

The original structure was removed in the summer of 2011 and construction of the new Peak Lodge began earlier in July. In-house crews have completed the excavating of rocks and are crushing them up on the mountain to 1 and 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch gravel that will be used as the base material for the lodge’s first floor.   

Currently, there is an outline of where the footings will be placed for the new structure and in the next couple of weeks; crews will begin to pour concrete atop the exposed bedrock.  By September, the exterior walls of first level of the new building will be completed and crews will put the structure to bed for the upcoming winter.

When spring arrives, crews will return to the Peak and begin standing steel to build the next level of the building. Construction will continue through the summer of 2013 and the new Peak Lodge will debut in December of 2013.

Construction of the Killington Peak Lodge to K-1 Sewer Line

In-house crews are installing a one million dollar sewer line from the Peak to the K-1 Base Lodge area down Cascade and then out Cascade run out this summer as well. A special heavy wall plastic pipe is being used and every 400 to 600 feet, a concrete cleanout is installed to slow the flow and then release a specific amount of effluent to the next section.

Crews expect to complete the majority of the sewer line this summer and place tanks and hook into the building next summer.      

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