Food, Glorious Food: A New Twist on The Great American Burger

Food, Glorious Food: A New Twist on The Great American Burger


How do you like your burger cooked? Rare, medium, well done? Grilled over an open flame or on a griddle? Cheese or no cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle? Everyone has their own idea of the great American burger.

Most restaurants focus on the bigger, the better, the greasier; the tastier. They tend to pile on cheese, butter the massive roll and pair with an over flowing pile of fries or coleslaw. Killington Resort’s culinary team has shifted from the “normal” burger and taken it to new heights with their Specialty Burger selections.

Starting with the beef, our chefs use hormone-free, Vermont raised beef to ensure the tenderness of our burgers – after all, it’s all about the quality of meat served, not the endless topping that mask the beef’s taste.

This winter, guest will enjoy a variety of outstanding Specialty Burgers at Snowshed Lodge, the Clubhouse Grill and Ovations Restaurant. At Snowshed’s Long Trail Pub, burger fans will be blown away with our new take on an American classic. Imagine biting into a burger infused with feta, bacon, crimini mushrooms and roasted red onion, grilled to perfection. If you’re looking for a quick bite, check out the Boursin & Bacon Burger featured in the Snowshed Café that also combines the ingredient into the beef prior to grilling.

Additionally, artisan rolls have been introduced in the Clubhouse Grill’s Green Chili Burger. And if you’re really hungry, you should indulge in Ovations Restaurant’s “The Beast” burger, stacked high with fresh ingredients.

Now that our culinary team has added a new twist on the great American burger, it’s up to you to pair your favorite Vermont microbrew with one of Killington’s Specialty Burgers for an exclusive burger and beer experience you’ll find here at Killington Resort.

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