How to: Shred Powder on a Snowboard

How to: Shred Powder on a Snowboard


Is there anything better than laying down the perfect heelside slasher into a deep pocket of powder? But as intuitive as it looks, snowboarding in powder actually requires more technique than simply throwing turns side-to-side.

Gear Choices:

First off, you don’t necessarily want to ride a little jib stick on a two-foot day. Choose a board that’s going to float, ie. keep the nose above the snow surface. And move your stance back toward the tail a notch or two – this will help with the float factor, and reduce back-leg burn. Also, rocker shapes dominate in powder. That said cambered boards still offer top-shelf-performance, they just require a touch more effort to keep afloat.

20121212_tumblr_ridepow (20121212_tumblr_ridepow)

Reading Terrain:

There are few things worse than getting marooned in the flats after milking a few extra powder turns. Watch how the slope angle transitions – if it’s deep and the transition looks flat, there’s a good chance you’ll bog down. Avoid these tempting traps unless you feel like hiking out in waist-deep snow and burning precious powder-day energy.


In powder, it’s key to keep your speed and weight your back foot to avoid a nosedive. You can make longer radius turns at higher speeds and maintain control because of the support and resistance soft snow provides. Surf it, slash it, point it – in pow, it’s pretty much all good.

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