Go Green :: Seeing White, Staying Green

Go Green :: Seeing White, Staying Green

Who doesn’t love to see that powder outside, skiers and riders? No matter the season, the mountain is home (or second home) to many, moose included. We like to take care of Mother Nature (she's the one who takes care of us!), and the Killington Green Team has been busy. Haven't noticed? Check out our top five latest projects, and pitch in your own ideas!

1. Cows do more than make delicious milk, butter and cheese for The Peak Lodge. They keep the lights on.


2. Think 73 tons of waste through the peak part of our season, recycled. Plus 50,000 pounds of recycled paper products. Reduce, reuse.


3. Speaking of reuse, the Killington Grand Hotel participates in soap recycling. So fresh, so clean.


4. The air that chills your salad (or steak!) is the same stuff that cools the corduroy.


Vermont-based Freeaire refrigeration, which capitalizes on cold outside air for walk-in coolers, has been part of Killington Base Lodge food service since 2007.

5. The next idea? That one's on you. 

Get involved.


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