Mike's News: Signage & Smoking

Mike's News: Signage & Smoking


We are having an amazing start to the season and if you have not been here yet, you are missing out. We truly have mid-winter conditions up on the hill. And with the skiing and riding season upon us, I wanted to start sharing some of the improvements and new initiatives you’ll find here this winter. There’s quite a few of them, so I will cover a couple each week moving forward.

Skier Flow

Everybody knows that Killington has a lot of terrain and trails. One challenge we have is managing the flow of skiers and riders as they travel on the trails and intersections. We have several new initiatives this year to incorporate more signage to help our guests get to the trails and areas which are best suited to their abilities and the experience they really want.

We are working on several new sign programs to highlight intersections and merge areas. We are also adding easier route signs to help those new to the mountain find their way out of high traffic areas, as well as increasing visibility of slow zones. During early season, we’ve got signs for those who love to jib and jump to direct them to the park to do so too. Here's what to look for on the hill:

Each of us also needs to do our part to show fellow skiers and riders common courtesy on the slopes. Remember saying “on your left” when approaching another guest from behind? We continue to hear these ski manners less and less at our resort and hope we can encourage everyone to start using them again.

Extending Restricted Smoking Policy

Last year we started our restricted smoking policy throughout Killington Resort property. The premise was that we would not allow smoking on the mountain other than in designated smoking sections (each Base Lodge has one). No smoking is allowed on lifts, in gondola cabins, or in lift lines.

We had reasonable success for the first year of this program, but it was still hard to make sure all our guests knew about the rules and followed them accordingly. We are continuing to work towards increasing awareness, and will now focus efforts on eliminating smoking in gondolas and lift lines as a result of feedback we have received.

Gondola cabins will now have a sign that designates the cabin as a smoke-free area. There will be staff members positioned at the tops of lifts to enforce this policy throughout the season.

Stay tuned for more improvements and updates in the coming weeks – we have some good things happening and we want you to know. Also, help us spread the word about these changes to enhance everyone’s experience.

As always, email me at msolimano@killington with any feedback on our resorts.




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