The New Killington Peak Lodge

The New Killington Peak Lodge


An inside look at the new Peak Lodge from Mike Solimano, Killington Resort's President and General Manager.

With the remaining snow melted on Superstar Trail and the ski trails turning green, construction has resumed on the long awaited replacement of the Killington Peak Lodge.  The  eyesore that was the old restaurant and Gondola terminal is now being replaced with a facility that will not only meet our guests’ expectations in a new and exciting way, but in sleekness of design that follows our long term commitment to the mountain environment that we are privileged to be a part of.

After a long process of guest feedback, design changes, tropical storm Irene delays, equipment is now in place building towards a completion date of December 2013. As you may be aware, the original $7 million budget and design concepts called for a basement support level capped off with two floors, one with a food court area and one for fine dining and a deck area similar to the original structure.  

With bids on the original concepts topping $9.5 million ($2.5 million more than planned), our pencils had to be sharpened. As I have mentioned before, capital resources are not infinite, and the more we spend on one project, the less that is available for others. Instead of the “bells and whistles” approach incorporated in the first design, the team was re-assembled to digest input from all sources and to re-look at the needs of this venue. We decided that the best use of our resources were to focus on providing the best all-around building to the most guests possible. As a result, we decided to combine two smaller floors into one large floor and move the kitchen facility to the lower level. This new design will allow for a real multipurpose facility that will allow us to host weddings, sit down dinners as well as allowing for a more casual lodge feel during winter.


The experience begins with an enhanced loading area at the K-1 Gondola with a vastly expanded heated deck. At the summit, new stairs and walkway will bring you right to the door of the new facility.  

This lodge will be completely different from any other lodge at Killington. A lobby with large, convenient restrooms will lead you into a room sprinkled with couches and seating area for that relaxed feel. From the “farm to table” and creative food options created by our in-house chefs, to the “Starbucks” feel of the multifunctional dining area, this new venue experience will be highly sought after. Food offerings will be much more upscale than our current base lodge menus (no fried foods), and a very comfortable bar area will include a gas fireplace and couches for those late day chats.

In my continued effort to enhance open communication with our Killington Resort guests, I thought it was important to lay out the evolution of the Peak Lodge design and to communicate what we believe are very exciting results. I believe our resort team has attained the goal of designing a state of the art venue while at the same time balancing the need for capital funding for continued resort upgrades including lift, trail and snowmaking projects.   

I want to remind everyone that we are committed to making our guest experience the best it can be. By both listening to your feedback in our decision making, as well as being prepared to make those often difficult capital decisions, we strive to provide the best product and experience we can.

We thank you for your continued support and hope to see you at the Yurt, on the ski trails or sitting and relaxing at the top of the highest lift served peak in the East.    


Mike Solimano
President and General Manager

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