The Power of Learning: A Refresher Course

The Power of Learning: A Refresher Course


If you remember way back (ok, about six weeks ago), we sent one of our own on a 3-day Learn to Snowboard mission. The outcome? Not only did our lucky candidate enjoy the lessons, his progression has been quick and easy. Plus, our Mississippi native is now hooked!

Most snowboarders take their initial lesson, get moving, progress to being able to ride what they want to ride and never think about taking another lesson again. But along with all of the specialized classes (parks, trees, steeps) Killington Snowboard School offers refresher courses for intermediate and expert riders. These courses can help you get rid of bad habits and maybe learn a few new things that you didn’t learn in your first lesson.


I have been making turns as much as possible since I got on a snowboard for the first time (in December). A lesson from one of Killington’s amazing instructors got me going and I have been progressing ever since. Steeper trails, trees and parks. I enjoy tearing down all of them.

One day I just happened upon Dave, my initial instructor. He saw me cruising and being the good fellow that he is decided to give me a couple of pointers, something he does for any of his former students that he sees on the mountain. After chatting for a bit, he threw the idea of taking a refresher course out, and I was very keen to the idea. A couple weeks later, I was back on a board riding with Dave.

Since my initial lesson in December I have been trying to snowboard two to four times a week. But over this time I have developed some bad habits. Time to break them!

After half a run, Dave pointed out a couple of the flaws that I have unknowingly thrown into my riding. He also knew the solution. He pointed out that I pivot too much in my hips when I turn, something that is not necessary and sprays snow instead of making cleanly carved lines in the snow. Using my front leg to steer and keeping my weight in the proper place took care of this quickly. He also caught that I was turning my shoulders perpendicular to my board; another no-no that throws balance off and kicks up snow. A couple of quick adjustments and I was carving up the mountain with ease. After we worked through these issues and I already felt like I had more control and could go faster.


After working the kinks out of my normal day to day carving, Dave wanted to show me a couple of little tricks to start working on while I snowboard around the mountain. We first worked on butters and then how to do simple 180s. I was shocked at the ease of the 180; it’s daunting to someone who has never done one. But one example while explaining the movement from Dave and I was 180ing back and forth the rest of the way down the mountain!

Power of Learning Blog Series was created by David Jackson, Communications Coordinator.

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