Timeless Trails at the Top of Vermont

Timeless Trails at the Top of Vermont


Both the Long Trail (LT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT) pass within 0.2 miles of Killington Peak (4,241 feet), the second highest summit in Vermont next to Mount Mansfield (4,393 feet).

From Killington’s rugged, rocky summit near timberline you can spy mountains for miles before descending the Killington Spur to drop in on historic Cooper’s Cabin or connect with the AT/LT and hike all the way to the Inn at Long Trail near Pico. Or, if you’re a thru-hiker on either trail, this is just one must-see stop of many during your adventure.

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Here’s a brief excerpt from the 1921 Long Trail Guide that provides some (slightly humorous) perspective:

“No person should attempt to tramp The Trail without a light axe, and a good compass. Even women should take at least a belt-hatchet; fuel must be replaced as used with good fuel and not easily-obtained rotten wood or none at all. Trail hogs and hedgehogs are the only pests in our mountains; and they are getting scarcer every year…”

Check out more information on hiking opportunities in the Killington.

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