Up Next :: Killington Triathlon

Up Next :: Killington Triathlon


Triathlon day is here, the course is set and it's time to turn, stomp and crank your way to the finish line. May 3, 2014: game faces required, dry socks unlikely.

Check out our five steps to Triathlon success below.



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1. MAP IT.

The Killington Triathlon will take you from the top of Skye Peak to the bottom of Snowshed with all the twists and turns in between. Plan accordingly.


2. SKI.

Take on Superstar's spring bumps on your weapon of choice; both skis and snowboards are welcome. Just make those turns count.



3. BIKE.

Guarantee: you'll ride on snow, dirt and lots of surfaces in between. Things might get a little sloppy.



4. RUN.

Much like life (and a box of chocolates), you never know what you're gonna get. Expect about three miles of rugged terrain underfoot with a side of finish-line glory.




It's open. We'll see you at the starting line.

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