With only 160 days between our closing on June 1, 2017 and DAY ONE of the 2017/18 season on November 8, 2017 we had a short summer season here at The Beast. Thank you to our season pass and express card holders who joined us for a great first day of skiing and riding Wednesday. Our mountain operations team did an amazing job maximizing the snowmaking system to once again make us the first East coast resort to open, while also making significant progress on Superstar for the World Cup – a truly impressive feat.

I wanted to take a few moments to explain our current snowmaking plan over the next week or so. With only 16 days until the first racer leaves the start gate for the second Audi FIS Ski World Cup to be hosted at Killington, we remain focused on building the race venue on Superstar. We will be allocating additional snowmaking resources to Superstar over the next couple of days to build out the race venue.

We remain committed to offering daily skiing and riding in the North Ridge area and expanding terrain on the upper mountain. Upper Great Northern and Upper East Fall are currently getting attention from the snowmakers. For this coming weekend, we expect to be skiing and riding down into the North Ridge area via Great Northern but continuing to use the walkway to return to Killington Peak for downloading. We also expect Upper East Fall to open. At this time we plan to make the march down the lower mountain towards the end of the weekend or early next week should the current forecast hold or improve.

Not only does this strategy help ensure we can host the biggest event in East Coast skiing but also helps to ensure daily operations by focusing on upper mountain depths vs. thin top-to-bottom skiing. This will put us in a good position to withstand any warm-ups or r*** in the next few weeks. Hosting the World Cup is important to our brand here at Killington and even more important to the Vermont ski industry as a whole. We’re playing the long game and are committed to showing the world that some of the best skiing and riding in the world is right here in Vermont.

Once the race venue is complete, we look forward to taking advantage of the extra air capacity we’ve invested in for the World Cup venue build and using it to expand open terrain ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We have the best snowmakers in the business operating the most expansive snowmaking system in the East, further boosted by extra air capacity for World Cup; we’ll be skiing and riding to the bottom of K-1 and beyond soon.

Stay tuned to the conditions report at as we progress through November, our plan is constantly changing and being updated as the weather and forecasts dictate. As always, I appreciate your feedback and invite you to email me at should you have any questions.

Happy skiing,


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