Good Clean Fun

We Demand It

Reduced carbon. Reduced emissions. Good Clean Fun.

At Killington Resort, adventure demands more - more than just skiing and snowboarding, summiting the peak, hiking a forested trail, or diving into a remote swimming hole. We believe in respecting the world we play in - that's why we demand more from ourselves, and less from our environment.

Through our Good Clean Fun initiative, we aim to level the environmental playing field by working towards a low carbon future at Killington Resort. It’s simple. Beyond our cow powered, water conserving, no sort recycling efforts, we’ve upped our sustainability game by purchasing renewable energy credits and carbon offsets that help lessen the environmental impact of our energy use.

The goal? Investing in a planet as pure as the powder we play in. Because, our carbon footprint is just as important as the footprint we make on the mountain, and we see them as one in the same. Low carbon. Low emissions. Just Good Clean Fun.

Powdr Resorts, including Killington, are aiming to make the lowest environmental impact on our ecosystem. Everyday. This is what Good Clean Fun looks like at Killington:

  • Investigating the use of renewable energy like wind and solar power
  • Using dairy methane to power the K-1 Express Gondola
  • Offsetting other energy used to heat and cool
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly paper products
  • Purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Purchasing Carbon Offsets

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What’s a REC?

As a purchaser of RECs Killington and Powdr Resorts are supporting a cleaner environment for us to enjoy together.

When renewable electricity is made two products are created: the power and what’s known as a “renewable energy certificate”, or a REC. RECs were designed to reconcile the cost difference between making power out of more expensive clean, renewable sources and making power from non-renewables. Unlike coal or natural gas, renewable energy sources will not run out and they emit little to no carbon dioxide.

Because RECs represent the green attributes of the power generation, REC purchasers are using green energy – even when they do not have a direct connection with a solar module or wind turbine.

At Powdr/Killington, we purchase enough wind power RECs to match the majority of the electricity used in our offices and resorts. This purchase cuts the environmental impact our business and employees have giving us a lower carbon footprint compared to non-green powered businesses and homes.

What’s a Carbon Offset?

At Powdr/Killington we are taking steps to assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases by purchasing offsets to make up for emissions made through our normal business operations.

The health of earth’s climate is linked to how much sunlight is absorbed and reflected by our atmosphere. The atmosphere acts like a filmy blanket around the planet, holding in some but not all of the heat. Some common atmospheric gasses can thicken the blanket trapping in heat and cause temperatures to rise. These gases are called “greenhouse gasses”.

Greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide and methane can be removed from the atmosphere by either capturing them before they are released or filtering and processing after.

Trees and other plants filter greenhouse gases as part of normal growth, trading dirty gas for clean oxygen. Forest conservation efforts aim to protect trees to ensure they have time to grow and clean the atmosphere. One way these efforts are made financially possible is by selling “carbon offsets”.

Offsets are also made by using technology that captures gas before it is released such as at a landfill or farm with decomposing waste. At Killington, the K-1 Express Gondola is powered solely by burning the methane gas released by cow manure at nearby Vermont dairy farms. In the process, this reduces greenhouse emissions produced by cows and expands the use of the readily available, renewable resource in Vermont.

Learn more about our partner, 3Degrees, helping us connect with cleaner energy on a massive scale.

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