Welcome to Killington Resort

Arrive early

You want to be sure to have enough time to get settled in. this will alleviate some of the potential stresses (weather, traffic, etc.) involved in getting to the mountain and make for a more pleasant experience.

If you are taking lessons try to arrive at least an hour prior to the start of your lesson. If you arrive the night before and have time, take a tour around the facilities to orient yourself in preparation for the next day.


Killington is all about making your experience convenient. You should get your exercise on the mountain, not walking in from the parking lot. Take advantage of our Base Area Transport shuttles (15-passenger white vans) that run regularly.

We have parking conveniently located at each of our base areas. Kids in lessons? We have a drop off zone located behind the children’s center at Ramshead Lodge streamlining the arrival and departure process for busy families. 

Take a lesson

First, you should check in with the Ski & Snowboard School. The key to success on the slopes lies in taking a lesson and your instructor can serve as a resort guide, as well as provide tips to maximize the fun factor while you are on snow.

The Killington Ski & Snowboard School offers one-stop shopping for first-timers. We will outfit you with a lift ticket, rental equipment and lesson. It’s the most convenient way to go, whether you are new to the sport or an old pro just new to Killington, our Ski & Snowboard School can meet your needs.

Dropping junior off for a lesson? Go play!

Children will be placed in a group according to their age and ability level. Although parents will make a preliminary assessment, final placement will focus on safety for your child and others. Refer to your child’s progress card for the scoop on their ability level. This will make it easier to place them the next time you visit us.

It’s easiest on the child, instructor and you if you are not within eye or ear shot of your child during their lesson. It’s great to watch from afar, but it can often be distracting to have mom or dad too close or involved in the lesson. This is a great chance for you to go have some fun on the slopes for yourself.

Fun, that’s what this is all about. Be sure to consider your expectations. Your child may not be the next Winter Olympian by the end of the first lesson, but if he or she walks off the mountain with a smile, we’d call that a success. After all, skiing and snowboarding are really all about escaping to the mountains to have some good old fun.

What do I do with all of my stuff?

Snow sports equipment can seem cumbersome and awkward to carry, store and generally manipulate at first. Take advantage of our free bag check offered on weekends and peak days at K-1 and Snowshed Lodge to conveniently store and access your items throughout your day.

Killington Resort Lodging

For your comfort and so you don’t drive home tired at the end of the day, we recommend you stay with us. We have wonderful accommodations that are walking distance to the slopes.

Take advantage of that well earned drink at the end of the day or enjoy an outstanding meal at the Wobbly Barn, just one of many dining opportunities on the Killington Road. After all, you are in the mountains for an escape. Live it to the fullest!

For more information

Rental equipment

If you are not taking a lesson and just need to rent equipment, we have a rental shop located at each of our lodges. We carry state-of-the-art equipment and a large range of sizes. When it comes to convenience and rental equipment, we cannot be beat. We’ll outfit you with the gear you need for an awesome day on the slopes.

Lift tickets

If you are purchasing a lesson that does not include a lift ticket, you will need to purchase a lift ticket to access the slopes. You can purchase a lift ticket by visiting any ticket window in an open lodge.