Friday, October 31, 2014

11:58 am 10/29/14--We've got our sights on winter, but no news to report just yet. In the meantime, stay tuned right here for all the latest news.

Think snow!
Open Trails: 0
Open Lifts: 0
Miles of Skiing: 0
Acres of Skiing: 0
Surface Conditions:
New Snow 24 hours: 0"
New Snow 48 hours: 0"
New Snow 7 days: 0"
Average Base Depth: 0"
Total Season Snowfall: 0"
Base Areas: K-1: Closed
Snowshed: Closed
Ramshead: Closed
Bear Mountain: Closed
Skyeship: Closed
Rates: Adults (19-64): $0.00
Youth (7-18): $0.00
Senior (65-79): $0.00
Parks & Pipes Dream Maker: Closed
Easy Street: Closed
Minipipe: Closed
Neff Land Park: Closed
The Stash: Closed
Timberline: Closed
Uphill Travel Closed