Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1:13 pm 01/27/15--Snow, snow, snow, skiers and riders. The Beast and Juno are a match made in heaven, and the East Coast had better brace itself, because this POWer couple is set to deliver the turns of your dreams.

In fact, we're so excited that we just can't hide it we're sending the Snowdon Quad spinning for EARLY UPS at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Yes, you heard right, first chair just got earlier and you just got a chance to get more pow. Happy Tuesday.

The team is ready for you (and Juno) with a minimal grooming plan - they've got a total of 64 trails including Cascade, Great Eastern and Superstar in their sights, but Ma Nature's magic will be all natural on Wildfire, Vertigo, Ovation and Outer Limits.

Remember that this is a proper blizzard and, like most things in nature, it is unpredictable. Snow comes with winds to match, so check back when the moment is right (BEFORE you leave the house) to see what's spinning and when.

Ideally, key lifts are scheduled from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Killington Parks
We've got 5 parks with more than 130 jumps, jibs, rails, and boxes plus a Minipipe to keep you lapping all day. Get the lowdown.

Killington tickets and passes are always valid at Pico Mountain, but they're closed on Tuesdays. Come this Thursday, be sure to check out our friendly sister just a few minutes west. Combined, the two resorts currently offer more than 200 trails totalling nearly 90 miles of open terrain which is, by far, the most terrain available in the East. Get the details at

Operating Day: 86
Open Trails: 154
Open Lifts: 14
Miles of Skiing: 69
Acres of Skiing: 759
Surface Conditions: Machine Groomed/Packed Powder
New Snow 24 hours: 1.0"
New Snow 48 hours: 1.0"
New Snow 7 days: 3.0"
Average Base Depth: 22.0" - 30.0"
Total Season Snowfall: 103.5"
Base Areas: K-1: Open ×

Dining / Après

Cooper's Coffee: Closed
K-1 Cafe: Open
Mahogony Ridge Bar: Open
Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar & Deck: Closed

Retail / Rental

Bag Check: Open
Killington Sports Shop: Open
Equipment Rental & Service: Open
Peak Lodge: Open Snowshed: Open ×

Dining / Après

Snowshed Food Court: Open
The Long Trail Pub: Open
Vermont Fresh Cafe: Open
Ledgewood Yurt on Northbrook Trail: Weekends/Peak

Retail / Rental

Bag Check: Closed
Killington Sports Shop: Open
Equipment Rental & Service: Open
Ramshead: Open ×

Dining / Après

Ramshead Food Court: Open

Retail / Rental

Bag Check: Closed
Killington Sports Shop: Open
Equipment Rental & Service: Open
Bear Mountain: Open ×

Dining / Après

Bear Mountain Bar: Open
Bear Mountain Food Court: Open

Retail / Rental

Killington Sports Shop: Open
Equipment Rental & Service: Weekends/Peak
Skyeship: Open ×

Dining / Après

Skyebar: Weekends/Peak
Skyeship Food Court: Weekends/Peak
Vista Deck on Great Eastern Trail: Closed


Killington Sports Shop: Open
Rates: Adults (19-64): $84.00
Youth (7-18): $65.00
Senior (65-79): $71.00
Parks & Pipes Dream Maker: Groomed AM  - 19 Features
Easy Street: Groomed AM  - 15 Features including Lil' Stash
Minipipe: Open
NeffLand: Groomed AM  - 20 Features
The Stash: Groomed AM  - 66 Features
Timberline: Groomed AM  - 36 Features
Uphill Travel Open