# Trail Name Difficulty Mileage Status Trail Description Experience
1 Off the Top 3.8 Mile Long gravel work road descents; some ski trail and single track. excellent views!
1A Easy Street 0.8 Mile Easy open ski trail and double track from the top of Snowshed to the bottom.
2 The Light 1.7 Mile High-elevation trail, pretty single track, mixed with gravel road. excellent views!
3 Solitude 1 Mile Grassy ski trail with double & single track.
4 Shreddie 0.7 Mile High-elevation single track, climb to trail 6 or descend to trail 1!
5 Pipe Dream 0.5 Mile Wide open ski trail with views to the south.
6 Snake Bite 2 Mile Up and down, in and out technical single track. Quintessential Killington!
7 Scarecrow 2.5 Mile Rugged mix of gravel work road and single track. Access to Ramshead area single track.
9 Gambler 0.7 Mile Challenging single track spur favored by descenders.
10 Junk Yard Run 1 Mile Traverse from ramshead back to k-1 Gondola & mountain Bike Center.
11 The Outback 2.7 Mile Technical single track from ramshead back to snowdon.
12 Wood Stove 0.7 Mile Narrow, winding single track. Can you find the stove?
13 Hold On 0.7 Mile Narrow single track with a lot of character. steeper at upper sections.
14 Squeeze Play 0.8 Mile Technical single track traverse to k-1 Gondola.
15 Blue Magic 0.4 Mile Rugged gravel road. use to return to k-1 mountain Bike Center. excellent views!
16 Edgemont Loop 1.3 Mile Nice loop with double and single track descent and climb. Best done counterclockwise.
17 Highride Run 1.8 Mile Grassy ski slope access to and from Highridge area.
18 Cable Trail 0.2 Mile Technical but fun with lots of features.
19A Squiggle 0.7 Mile Easy wooded trail that descends from K-1 to Snowshed.
19B Wiggle 0.7 Mile
20 Step it Up 0.5 Mile
21 Steel Panther 1.5 Mile Challenging single track with ski trail crossings connects snowdon with ramshead single track.
22 Hammer 0.7 Mile Our classic trail; semi-technical low-elevation single track across snowshed.
23 Low Rider 0.7 Mile Challenging single track.
24 Roller 0.75 Mile Good aggressive single track, dirt road and grassy ski trails.
25 Highlander 0.5 Mile Gravel work road and ski trail, can be rough.
26 Rabbit Hole 0.5 Mile
27 Northbrook 0.6 Mile Easier gravel road loop from Snowshed.
28 Process 0.3 Mile Low elevation wooded single track loop.
29 Kon-Tiki 1.5 Mile Grassy ski slope access to and from Edgemont area with a challenging single track loop mixed in.
30 Funny Bone 1.5 Mile Mix of ski trails, gravel road and rock drop-offs.
31 Stinky 0.4 Mile Very aggressive single track.
32 The Beast 0.7 Mile Ski trail and single track connecting trails 30 and 31.
33 Yo Vinny 0.6 Mile Very aggressive single track, connect this to trails 6 & 9.
34 Foxy Roxy 0.5 Mile Aggressive single track, sister this with trails 6 & 9.