Building Reason Tonight!

Building Reason Tonight!


No more shop time!


The day has finally come – that’s right, it’s time to go to work.  For us, that means taking all that lovely snow and pushing it around, dropping in features, sculpting takeoffs to perfection and surrounding it all with lovely corduroy.  For you, it means grabbing those sticks, be it one or two, and laying waste to metal!

We will be building our early-season terrain park at Reason this evening for its debut on Friday, November 9, 2012, to what the weather forecasters are calling “abundant sunshine.” So if you fancy a little metal and plastic with your snow, start packing the car now because tomorrow IT’S ON!

For the inside scoop and pictures, stay tuned to Killington Terrain Park’s Facebook all night. We’ll be throwing things up there throughout the build.

Killington Terrain Park's Facebook

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