Recap: Loaded Turkey Rail Jam

Recap: Loaded Turkey Rail Jam


loadedturkey_111812034 (loadedturkey_111812034)

The first rail jam of the season is in the books! On Sunday, over 90 skiers and riders competed in the Loaded Turkey Rail Jam in hopes of snagging a turkey, prizes and entry into Rails 2 Riches. The day started out with 45-minute jam-style qualifiers with top contenders advancing to finals. In finals, the two-run format demanded that competitors deliver if they wanted to take home one of the 18 lb. birdies.

loadedturkey_111812013 (loadedturkey_111812013)

Park Crew didn’t mess around with the set-up, creating a five feature jibyard built specially for the event. At the end of the day, judges deemed Colin Becker, Billy Keil, Jackie Kling and Caroline Patten turkey-worthy, awarding them the top spot in each of their divisions.  A shout-out also goes to groms Max Tarricone and Joey Leon who killed it!


loadedturkey_111812060 (loadedturkey_111812060)



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Skier Men

1. Collin Becker

2. Eddie Gildea

3. Jamie Ficco


Skier Women

1. Jackie Kling

2. Anna Tedesco

3. Cj Aslan


Rider Men

1. Billy Keil

2. Matt Nordiello

3. Tarik Blovers


Rider Women

1. Caroline Patten

2. Tara Eminson

3. Lily Calabrese


Best Groms

Skier: Max Tarricone

Rider: Joey Leon








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