Keepin' Mouse Run Fresh- New features!

Keepin' Mouse Run Fresh- New features!


The boys were at it again on Friday night and have now upped Mouse Run's total feature count to 25! So far, the most popular feature additions have been the new wall ride and down flat down rail.

wall-ride (wall-ride)

The wall ride is setup next to the first step-down jump and can be hit in variety of crafty, gypsy ways.


new-dfd (new-dfd)

The new down flat down rail has an 8" diameter and measures 32' in length. It's super smooth and perfect for switch ups.


pole-jib-with-stairs (pole-jib-with-stairs)

Additionally, we've switched the top rail and box line up a bit and relocated the stairset off of the snowmaking pipe.


For the full details and layout, scope the park map.

Park Map

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