Rail Jam Recap and Results!

Rail Jam Recap and Results!


The Monster Energy K-Town Showdown #2 went down at Bear Mountain on Saturday, Feb. 11. Park Crew built a technical new set-up for the event at the bottom of the Superpipe which included a 28’ down flat rail, Skullcandy jib pipe and 32’ down flat down round rail.

Although some of the 26 Grom skiers and riders (age 14 and under) were originally intimidated by the set-up, they quickly shredded those memories away, stepped it up and dominated the features. Everyone seemed to progress throughout the 30-minute jam leaving them with smiles and a sense of pride. No small features needed for this crew. They can definitely hang with the big kids!

The sun streaked through the clouds as the 52 Open Division skiers and riders took to the features for their 30-minute jam. Within seconds, it was obvious that the spectators and all of Bear Mountain were in for quite a show. The level of skiing and riding was ridiculous making the judge’s job something that no one envied. 

After prizes were handed out and pictures snapped, the event ended in a bracket-style best trick bonus round for each division. Competitors battled it out a head-to-head format until only one remained.



Check out all the action from the rail. We've also placed a bunch on our Killington Terrain Park Facebook page. Tag 'em up!


Facebook Pictures



Open Skier Men
1. Dan Jones , 22 of Sutton, NH  
2. Colin Becker, 17 of Manchester Center, VT
3. Christian Franchino, 17 of Manchester Center, VT

Open Skier Women
1. Delia Whyte, 17 of Bronxville, NY
2. Megan Ellmaker, 15 of Erwinna, PA
3. Megan Clinton, 27 of E. Walpole

Open Rider Men
1. Johnny Sailing, 18 of Manchester, VT
2. Tyler Watson, 21 of Wilmington, NY
3. Evan Sheridan, 17 of Bondville, VT

Open Rider Women
1. Bekah Ashley, 17 of Wilmington, NY
2. Britt Horowitz, 21 of Burlington, VT
3. Victoria Ashley, 21 of Wilmington, NY

Grom Skier
1. Josh Tarricone, 13 of Andover, MA
2. Max Tarricone, 10 of Andover, MA
3. Duncan McCabe, 12 of Middlebury, VT

Grom Riders
1. Jake Gaudet , 14 of Stratton, VT
2. Joey Leon,  12 of W. Simsbury, CT
3. Robby Ettori, 14 of Rutland, VT

Bonus Round- Bracket Best Trick
Open Skier Men: Christian Franchino
Open Skier Women: Megan Clinton
Open Rider Men: Evan Sheridan
Open Rider Women: Victoria Ashley
Grom Skier: Josh Tarricone
Grom Rider: Robby Ettori


Overall, it was great event and we’ll see you at the Monster Energy K-Town Showdown #3 on March 24th for a slopestyle event!

More Info abot Event #3


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