Timberline Terrain Park: No Boulder, No Problems

Timberline Terrain Park: No Boulder, No Problems


Timberline Terrain Park, home to Killington Parks small/medium features and the Minipipe, is the spot to learn and polish your skills. With all kinds of approachable features from small jumps to medium jibs and rails, you may not have ever thought twice about the rainbow box in the lower section of Timberline.

Each season, the rainbow box, (another “up-and-over” feature) lives on top of an elevated pad of snow. It stays the same for most of the season, and if you ride Killington Parks all year long, that probably seems like a strange call. Well, a few feet under that pad of snow, there's been - well, it's actually a big boulder. It has prevented any other features from being built there.

Killington Parks Crew never stops improving our parks though, and this past summer was the end for that hunk of rock. The crew headed up with an excavator and hammered away at it. You know what that means - this season, with the boulder gone and some extra width to play, different features can go in place of that ol’ rainbow box!

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