Rail Restoration: A True Labor Of Love

Rail Restoration: A True Labor Of Love


Images of sparks flying, paint chips in the air, and the unmistakable sound of steel on steel usually conjures up the idea that skiers and riders destroy terrain park features day in and day out. To a certain extent, that is what actually happens. With all the rail shredding that takes place in the parks, the features see a lot of use and abuse. What once looked “pretty” in the shop before opening day can look like a chunk of scrap steel at the end of the season. This means that every summer the ever expanding fleet of rail features needs to be overhauled and refurbished, to once again slide like new.

Enter the Killington Parks Crew. Armed with gallons of paint, plywood, plastic and power tools the park crew turns over rail features like a NASCAR pit crew. Removing rust, stripping old paint, and cutting and replacing metal are just a few ways the rail fleet is revitalized for another season of destruction. Everything from generators to grinders, to welders to cranes, comes into play in order to accomplish the task at hand. Each rail feature is gone over with a fine tooth comb to find any flaw and fix it. That is rail restoration: a true labor of love.

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