Terrain Parks

Killington Parks is proud to present 6 unique parks encompassing a total of more than 150 features for your jibbing and jumping enjoyment. Each park has its own personality and target audience so here’s what you need to know. For the latest information head over to our conditions report.

Ramshead Parks

Accessible from the Ramshead Express Quad, these parks have small and medium sized features designed for all levels of terrain park skiers and riders.

Easy Street Progression Park: As the name states, this park is perfect for groms and less-experienced park riders. Smaller features and a learning friendly environment make this a fun and inviting place for aspiring athletes of the future.

Lil’ Stash: The new Lil’ Stash is the little brother of our cutting edge park on Bear Mountain, The Stash, bringing snowy glades riding to the next generation of park enthusiasts.

Timberline: Small and medium sized jumps, jibs, and rails make Timberline fun for everybody. Timberline Park is also home to the Minipipe which is the perfect place to dial in your tricks before graduating up to the Superpipe.

NeffLand: Neff Headwear collaborated with Killington on this must-see outer space themed park. Head to NeffLand for rocket jibs, exotic planets, lunar vehicles, and more.

Skye Peak and Bear Mountain Parks

Accessible from the Skye Peak Express Quad, Skyeship Express Gondola, and Superstar Express Quad, these parks have bigger features designed for more experienced skiers and riders.

The Stash: Shredding the snowy woods has always been the purest snowboarding experience. Jake Burton and the Burton Team have teamed up with Killington and five other resorts worldwide to create the ultimate natural terrain park environment. The Stash has 65+ features in and out of the trees, inspired by snowboarding’s roots in the Vermont backcountry.

Dream Maker: Sunny Bear Mountain is home to the Dream Maker Park and the Beast’s largest jump line. The jump lineis accompanied by medium and large rails and jibs.

Superpipe: Killington's 18’ Superpipe dominates the Bear Mountain Base area at the bottom of Dream Maker. The Superpipe can be accessed through both The Stash and Dream Maker Parks, making for one long park and pipe run. 

Early & Late Season Parks

Reason Terrain Park: The early season rail garden located at North Ridge.

Mouse Run Terrain Park: Located on Snowdon Mountain and accessible by Snowdon Triple, Snowdon Quad and Snowdon Poma, this park offers a variety of medium size jumps, jibs and rails.

Superstar Rail Yard: Located at the base of Superstar with up to 8 rail features.



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