Public Access Policy

Killington strives to ensure that every guest enjoys their time at the resort with maximum safety and comfort. Please read on for more information on the resort-wide Public Access Policy addressing service animals and use of other power driven mobility devices.

Service Animals

Any disabled guest who is assisted by a service animal shall have access to all public areas of the resort. In the interests of safety, service animals shall not be permitted on ski lifts, as there is no means to evacuate them should the lift stop.

Service Animals shall be under the control of their handlers at all times. Unless the handler is unable to do so, or the use of such device interferes with the safe, effective function of the animal’s duties, Service Animals shall be on harness, leash, bridle or other type of tether at all times, in public areas. Where this is not possible due to one of the aforementioned conditions the Service Animal shall be under the handler’s control through other means (e.g. voice commands, hand signals).

Resort personnel may ask for the removal of a Service Animal from public areas if the handler is unable to maintain control of the animal, if the animal’s behavior is deemed dangerous, or if the animal is not properly housebroken. Reasonable effort will be taken by the resort to facilitate the disabled guest’s participation in resort activities, in the instance a Service Animal is removed for cause.

If it is not readily obvious that an animal is in the service of a disabled guest, resort personnel may ask the handler: A) if the animal is required because of a disability or is being trained as a Service Animal and B) what service or work the animal is trained to provide. No employee shall ask any questions regarding the nature of the guest’s disability or the extent of their disability.

Other Power Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD)

Use of OPDMD on the mountain

Killington / Pico Ski Resort Partners have determined that due to the operational characteristics of the resort business and in the interests of safety for our guests and staff, the use of other power driven mobility devices by our guests shall not be allowed.

Killington Resort and Pico Mountain’s business is focused on skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. These are ‘gravity sports,’ often conducted at high speeds, in which guests travel down the mountain on designated routes. Introducing the use of OPDMD into this recreational facility would alter the fundamental characteristic of the resort by allowing privately owned, motorized vehicles to share the trail network, operating against the downhill flow of skiers / snowboarders and mountain bikes.

All company and / or vendor vehicles which do operate on the mountain are equipped with safety features in accordance with resort policies; furthermore, all operators of these vehicles have undergone specialized safety training which include best practices for the operation of a vehicle in the resort environment. Allowing guests to operate OPDMD at the resort without proper safety training or mandated safety features would increase the potential of accidents between our gravity sports participants and the operators of OPDMD.

Killington / Pico Ski Resort Partners offer alternatives for guests with mobility disabilities to enjoy the local environment, including access to scenic gondola rides throughout the summer and fall.

In addition, the resort is willing to provide access to the mountain for disabled guests via a company vehicle and driver, when requested and scheduled at least 72-hours in advance of the guest’s arrival.

For more information or to request mountain access for a disabled guest, please call (802) 422-6205.

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