Charge It To My Account

Killington offers two convenient options for season pass holders to pay for products and services around the resort using their pass rather than carrying a credit card or cash.

Resort Charge

Allows you to attach a credit card to your Season Pass or Express Card, allowing you to use your pass/card to purchase items and have the charge automatically debit your attached credit card. Resort charge can be added to passes/cards during the checkout process using our online store, in the My Account section of our online store, or in person at any ticketing or guest services location.

Beast Bucks

Allows you to pre-load a certain amount of money to your Season Pass or Express Card, allowing you to use your pass/card to purchase items and have the amount automatically deducted from your account. Beast Bucks can be purchased in the My Account section of our online store anytime, by contacting the season pass office, or in person at any ticketing or guest services location.


  • Resort Charge and Beast Bucks can be used at many resort points of sale.
    • Locations that DO NOT accept Resort Charge and Beast Bucks: The Vista Deck and other remote food/beverage locations, The Ledgewood Yurt, The Wobbly Barn, The Killington Grand Spa, lodging, and non-Killington owned services such as Waffle Cabins, Stor-a-Ski , Anna’s Empanadas or Potter Brothers at Killington Sports or the Double Diamond Service center at Snowshed.
  • If your pass/card is lost or stolen you should report it to the season pass office ASAP so we can inactivate your pass/card to prevent charges being made. Any remaining Beast Bucks or your credit card will be transferred to your new pass once it is issued. We are not responsible for and therefore will not issue refunds for any charges made prior to you reporting the pass lost or stolen.
  • Families may attach one credit card to a primary pass holder and then link other family members to the primary to use one credit card for Resort Charge. Beast bucks cannot be shared among family members and each pass/card holder will need to maintain their own balance. We are happy to transfer Beast Bucks between family members upon request by contacting the season pass office or visiting the Snowshed Sales Center, Pico Sales Center or a Guest Services Desk.
  • You may check your Beast Bucks balance and add funds using the My Account section of our online store or by contacting the season pass office. There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be added. Beast Bucks users are responsible for monitoring their remaining balance to ensure they have enough funds for each purchase made. Transactions will be declined for insufficient funds.
  • Beast Bucks expire five years from the date the Beast Bucks are added. The expiration date is extended an additional five years each time additional Beast Bucks are purchased. Beast Bucks can be used during both the summer and winter seasons whether you have an active lift/activity pass or not. You may request a refund of unused Beast Bucks anytime by contacting the season pass office. Note: Beast Bucks issued to pass/card holders as part of a promotion, for renewing passes, etc. will expire at the end of the winter or summer season in which they were issued, unless a specific date is noted as part of the promotional details.
  • Any card/pass may have both Resort Charge and Beast Bucks; however, it is the responsibility of the pass holder to inform the cashier which they’d like to use prior to offering the pass to the cashier for payment.
  • You may tip using Resort Charge just like you would on a credit card. If using Beast Bucks you can tell your server to add a tip prior to requesting your check or they can run a separate transaction once you have settled your tab.
  • Resort charge holders are responsible for updating their credit card information with the season pass office if their credit card number changes or expires. Declined transactions will need to be paid for using another form of payment.
  • If adding Resort Charge to your pass, you will need to agree to our Automatic Credit Card Billing Agreement Terms & Conditions document which is available here. If adding Resort Charge Online you will be prompted to agree to this document as part of the process to add Resort Charge and there is no need to complete a paper version.
  • Beast Bucks and Resort Charge may also be used at Pico Mountain.