Killington College: Monster Energy Collegiate Olympic Games

K-1 Base Area
Thu Jan 11
- 1:00 p.m.

Relay Race, Snowball Target Contest, Sled Race, Tug-O-War and Stein Hoisting plus free Monster Energy samples for spectators.

Time and Location: 1pm at K-1 Base Area (back side of K-1 Lodge)

Instructions: Making teams of 4, register and compete against other teams in a variety of fun winter games.  Teams will compete for points based on the position they finish each activity. 

Olympic Games


Relay Race:


  1. Carry an egg on a spoon around the cone without dropping it
  2. Three legged race – split your group of 4 into two partnerships and with one leg tied to each other, run around the cone.
  3. Bucket Brigade – fill up 5 gallon buckets of snow and relay them to fill up a larger bin to the top.


Snowball Target Contest: Using snowballs, aim for the target on a life-sized cutout of the King of Spring

Sled Race: Using a sled and a paddle, row your way around a cone in timed format race. Lowest combined times wins. 
Tug-O-War: Compete against other teams in a traditional tug-o-war, but on snow!  Bring your best footwear for extra traction!
Stein Hoisting

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