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Massage Therapy

Classic Swedish Massage
50 / 80 minutes $125 / $165

A traditional massage with long flowing strokes, using light to medium pressure, to promote relaxation and to increase circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage
50 / 80 minutes $155 / $195

A deeper, firmer therapeutic massage that addresses knots and tight muscles. Your skilled therapist may use different modalities, such as trigger point, acupressure, neuromuscular therapy and myofascia release, tailored to your specific needs.

Warm Stone Massage
50 / 80 minutes $165 / $195

The ancient art of stone massage strategically places warmed stones on the body inviting tight muscles to release. Using long strokes, with the warmed stones in her hands, the therapist leaves a trail of heat throughout your body, taking you into a deep relaxation. It’s the ultimate luxury.

Couples Swedish Massage

Enjoy a massage with that someone special in our couples’ suite.

Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage
25 / 50 minutes $95 / $155

Allow the tension to melt from your neck, shoulders and back as a certified therapist finds all the right spots.

Add Aromatherapy to any Massage

Your choice of a blend of oils: Relaxation, Peace or Balance

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Extra Attention, Spot Massage

Can be used as add-ons.

Foot Massage
25 minutes $75

Scalp Massage
25 minutes $75

Specialty Massage

Prenatal Massage
50 minutes $135

Promotes circulation and relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, providing soothing relaxation for the mother to be. Available in the second and third trimester. 

Foot Reflexology
25 / 50 minutes $75 / $125

Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet that relate to all parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes relaxes the whole body and can aid in healing.

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Body Wraps & Treatments

Our body scrubs and wraps incorporate products native to our beautiful state of Vermont including maple syrup, honey, wild flowers, herbs and essential oils. After your skin is exfoliated, rehydrated and renewed, a signature lotion or body butter is massaged into your skin to help retain its youthful suppleness.

Green Teas Body Glow
50 minutes $125

Combining the antioxidant and immune enhancing properties of green tea with sea salt and organic jojoba oil leaves your skin smooth, moisturized and rejuvenated. 

Maple Sugar Scrub
50 minutes $135

A yummy treat for your skin starts with a moisturizing maple sugar scrub designed to exfoliate while providing vital nutrients to revitalize all skin types, especially dull, dry skin. Further indulge your senses with a cocoa and shea butter lotion massaged into your skin. The result is skin that feels as smooth as silk.

Rosemary & Mint Salt Scrub
50 minutes $135

Enriched with natural oils of avocado and jojoba, Dead Sea salts gently exfoliate your skin. Rosemary, spearmint and ginseng extract revive and refresh your skin. Finally, herbal body butter is massaged into your skin leaving you soft and supple. 

Herbal Mud Wrap
80 minutes $185

A combination of herbal, fruit and seaweed extracts exfoliates, detoxifies, conditions and sooths your skin. The mud’s’ high mineral content will nourish and remineralize leaving the skin soft and smooth with a healthy, radiant glow.  Close your eyes, relax and enjoy a scalp or foot massage while the wrap works its magic.   

Vermont Wild Flower Wrap
80 minutes $185

Surrender to the healing powers of nature. A sugar scrub infused with floral essential oils is followed by a warmed honey body masque and covered with moist, warm towels. While you’re cocooned in this nutrient rich sweetness, your scalp or feet will get a delicious massage. After showering, rich herbal and floral infused body butter is applied to your skin. You are left feeling relaxed, and your skin is hydrated with a youthful glow.

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Skin Treatments

All facials include a neck, décolleté, foot and hand massage.

Teen Facial
25 minutes $85

Introduce your teen to skin care with this mini facial, includes a gentle cleansing, exfoliation and masque, leaving her skin clear and bright. Does not include extractions. 

Deep Cleansing Facial
50 minutes $135

With nature’s purest botanical elements, this facial is designed to deliver outstanding visible results and is customized to your skin type. A gentle exfoliation, extractions and a restorative masque will leave your skin smooth while achieving a tightened, balanced look.   

Radiant "C" Bright Facial
50 minutes $125

Hydrates and brightens skin with stabilized Vitamin C and includes exfoliation, extractions, lactic acid peel and a masque. This facial evens out your skin tone while giving you a healthy, radiant glow.    

Green Tea Facial
50 minutes $150

This facial combines the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of green tea, vitamins, botanicals and an enzyme masque to leave your skin healthy, fresh and youthful.  

Hydrating Facial
50 minutes $135

You’ll love this soothing, deeply hydrating facial designed to repair and protect your skin from the elements that cause sun damage, windburn and dryness - a great way to refresh your tired skin. 

Back Treatment
50 minutes $110

 A complete facial for an often neglected area. Great stress reliever; a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask and massage to fit your skin type. 

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Body & Skin Complements Add ons

Eye Zone Treatment

Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet
10 minutes $35

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Waxing Services

15 minutes $30
Lip or Chin
15 minutes $25
25 minutes $55
20 minutes $30
Half Leg
30 minutes $55
Full Leg
50 minutes $95
Full Leg w/ Bikini    
50-80 minutes $115
15-80 minutes $40 & up
Back & Shoulders
15-80 minutes $60 & up

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.


Grand Spa Manicure
50 minutes $50

A pampering experience which includes a soak, gentle exfoliating scrub, a masque and a luxurious massage to hands and forearms. Your nails are shaped, cuticles are cared for and polish is applied to your nails.

Warm Aroma Paraffin Manicure
50 minutes $65

The same treatment as Grand Spa Manicure with the added luxury of a warm aroma paraffin hand dip, leaving your hands feeling extra soft.

Add French to Manicure

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.


Grand Spa Pedicure
50 minutes $75

Relax in our massaging chair while your feet soak in a warm aromatherapy whirlpool bath. A scrub is applied to your feet, followed by a mask, topped off with a luxurious massage for your feet and calves. Your nails are shaped and cuticles are cared for before applying the polish of your choice.

Warm Aroma Paraffin Pedicure
50 minutes $85

The same treatment as the Grand Spa Pedicure with the added luxury of having your feet dipped in warm aroma paraffin, leaving your feet extra soft and smooth.

Green Tea Pedicure
50 minutes $85

The same treatment as the Grand Spa Pedicure using the wonderful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of green tea products adding a soothing touch for your aching feet. 

Express Manicure and Pedicure
50 minutes $65 

A shortened version of the Grand Spa Manicure and Pedicure which does not include a scrub or mask. Available Monday and Thursdays. 

Add French to Pedicure

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.

Gentlemen’s Spa Services

Men's Facial
50 minutes $90

Specially formulated for a man’s face and skin care needs, to receive maximum benefits, shaving is recommended two hours prior to treatment. This hydrating treatment leaves your skin smooth and toned.

Men’s Back and Shoulder Waxing
15 / 80 minutes $60 & up
Men’s Spa Manicure
40 minutes $35
Men’s Spa Pedicure
40 minutes $55

For more information or to book a reservation, please call 802-422-1050.


Advanced reservations are required. If you are interested in an appointment outside of the scheduled hours, please call 802-422-1050 for availability.

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Cancellations must be received at the spa reception 24-hours in advance of your scheduled treatment. If received within 24-hours, the full cost of your services will be charged.

Gratuities are not included in the listed prices. For your convenience, gratuities are automatically added when booking spa packages online. Please note that prices and services are subject to change without notice.

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