Pico Sports Center Fitness Classes


A full hour of aerobic exercise and resistance with minimal joint impact. Aqua aerobics uses a variety of water weights and equipment. This class is great for all ages and abilities, including those returning to exercise following injury.


This class blends balance, strength, flexibility and power. Fit Yoga delivers a user-friendly style for all fitness levels. The benefits include improved performance of fitness activities, reduces risk of injury, augments recovery for ailments (stress, lower back pain and tension) and improves overall health.


This class features strength training for all ability levels. Exercises are both traditional and non-traditional and are geared towards improving muscle strength, functional strength, posture and bone density. Many benefits for all abilities!


This is a vigorous style of yoga that requires the execution of basic yoga poses yet, guarantees an energetic and challenging workout. Regular class attendance will build strength, flexibility, stamina, realigns the spine and detoxifies the body. The series of poses will take participants through sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, inversions and backbends; finishing with relaxation.


Ditch the workout and join the party with an exciting International dance fitness program. This program is perfect for anyone looking for a new style of cardio including beginners and older adults.


This class is designed to give you a great workout while introducing you to new moves, new equipment and new fads in the exercise world. The class blends together a mix of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. Expect something different each class; Kettle Bells, Stability ball work, Ballet moves are just some of the things our instructor has planned, all mixed in with traditional exercises.

Group Cardio Cycling

Heart-pumping cardio on bikes. Instructors lead the class through a group ride challenging your endurance and stamina. Every participant has control of their own resistance and therefore has their own ride. Everyone burns calories and enhances their own fitness level. Please sign up in advanced to reserve a bike. 802-747-0564


This class blends aerobic moves and strength training exercises. Sweat & Sculpt introduces participants to a variety of equipment and is excellent for all fitness levels. The instructor will offer options for high and low impact aerobics. If step is included, modifications will be made for those to use floor-only exercises.


Wake up with a gentle blend of Yoga and Tai Chi.


Join this group training class to fine-tune your body through sports related training exercises that will enhance your athletic endeavors. You will decide how hard or easy this class is as you chose your own weights, resistance and pace. This class teaches strength training and exercises design for all fitness levels.

Bikini Boot Camp

Get ready for the beach by strengthening all of your major muscle groups in an inspiring and motivating group environment. A variety of exercises are used including body weight, dumbbells, circuit training and more. This will get your heart pumping and your muscles pushed to the max. All levels of fitness are welcome.

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