Ski Bum Race Series

Budlight Ski Bum Race Series – 2014

Local teams of skiers, snowboarders and telemark skiers race down Highline in pursuit of Ski Bum Glory and bragging rights. Each competition is followed by a party sponsored by Bud Light. The race and after party are open to registered competitors only – thanks for your understanding.


Highline Trail - K1


Join us for the Bud Light Ski Bum Registration Party on December 4 at Mahogany Ridge Bar from 3:30PM – 6:30PM!
You can register any other time before Dec 19. 2012 at Killington Ski Club


Each race will run from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.





After Party


Bud Light Sign-up Party

Mahogany Ridge Bar, K1 Base Lodge



Race #1


Race #2


Race #3


Race #4


Race #5


Race #6


Race #7


Race #8


Race #9


Race #10

The Garlic


Race #11

Long Trail Pub



Competitors Choice: McGrath's Irish Pub


$200 per team - $45 per individual; Must be 21 years of age or older

Team Standings

Based on top 3 point getters on each team each week


Individuals can register in one of the following categories.

(“A” = experienced racer; “B” = novice racer)  

  • Skier “A” - Male or Female                   
  • Skier “B” - Male or Female
  • Snowboarder A - Male or Female         
  • Snowboarder B - Male or Female
  • Telemark Skier - Male or Female


After Party

All parties start at 4:00 p.m. and are free for series racers. There will be a food buffet at each after party. Racers will be given a Ski Bum Member card that will need to be presented to access the buffet. Racers who wish to bring a family member or friend for the buffet can do so for $5. There will also be drink specials from Bud Light! Video of the day’s runs will be played throughout the event. After party locations are listed in the schedule above.


Results of each week’s race will be posted right here for bragging rights!

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1. Minimum age for enrollment and participation is 21 years.

2. All participants must wear a properly fastened snowsport helmet during all event training/practice/inspection and competition.

3. The team/individual entry fee MUST BE PAID IN FULL when registering before any participant will be allowed to race. Make checks payable to “KMS”.

4. Teams may be made up of any combination of categories. Teams will consist of a maximum of 5 people. A team captain must be appointed and requests for changes to the team may only be made to the event organizer by the team captain.

5. Racers may compete as both a skier and a snowboarder, but can only join one team.

Second type may only qualify in the individual category.

6. Individuals will be accepted and placed on a team.

7. Names must be legal names of registrants. No aliases or nicknames will be accepted. Legal signatures must appear next to listed team members and all registrants must sign “Express Assumption of Risk” form.

8. No changes will be made to a registration form following the second race of the Bud Light Ski Bum Race Series.

9. All races will be modified Giant Slalom/Traditional Giant Slalom courses except one week the race will be run on a Dual Slalom course.

10. No second runs will be allowed until after 1 PM.

11. The top 50 racers in each category will receive points assigned in reverse order each week. (1st = 50 points; 50th = 1 point)

12. A racer’s category may be adjusted based on results. If a racer wins three (3) races in a category by 2 seconds or more, a category change will be made.

13. Ties will be broken by top 5 finishes, then top 6 if needed, etc.

14. Year-end standings will be based on an individual’s top 6 finishes.


For more information, please email