Slash and Berm

Slash and Berm is a benefit banked slalom event held at Killington's Stash Park to bring the East Coast snowboarding community together.

The Saturday banked slalom is open to all snowboarders.  A cook out lunch for all competitors to enjoy and a live DJ are just another part of action. The competition continues on Sunday with a shop team banked slalom event! Shops will be entering teams to compete for the first ever Stash Banked Slalom title.


March 15 - 16, 2014


The Stash – Bear Mountain


  • Each participant must wear a properly fastened snow sports helmet during all event practice/inspection and competition.
  • Scope it out. Make a habit of course/venue inspection before every event.
  • Know your limits (skill and ability levels) and stay within them. This isn’t the time to try something you’ve never done before.


  • Juniors (15 & under)
  • Amateurs (16 & up)
  • Open
  • Legends

Female athletes, 15 and under, have the option of entering the Juniors Division and competing along with the male athletes, or entering the Amateurs Division. The Junior's Division is only open to athletes 15 and under. Athletes that qualify based on age for the Juniors Division may choose to compete in the Amateurs or Open Division.


Men Women Combined
Open First Tim Major, 1:36.98 Carrie Beck, 2:02.47
Second Kerry Clark, 1:38.70 Maggie Leon, 2:08.78
Third Will Steller, 1:43.97 Katelyn Novak, 2:08.79
Juniors  First Ryan Callori, 1:50.93
Second Tin Skoric, 1:56.65
Third Jake Fournier, 2:03.40
Amateur First Liam Clark, 1:42.68 Shanna Rinaldo, 2:24.89
Second Shaughn Calkins, 1:47.98 Rebecca Werner, 3:46.21 
Third Kai Lichtensteiger, 1:53.26
Legends Steven Kelly, 1:36.14
Justen Maxham, 1:39.04
Jerry Tucker, 1:40.47

Day 2 Shop Team Results

And we raised $2,705 for the Molly Fund! See more from the event on the Insider Blog.