Peak Lodge

We’ve been breaking ground and taking names at Killington for 55 years. From snowmaking technology to environmental programs, the goal is simple: share, protect and enjoy this beautiful place.

Did you know?

  • The Peak Lodge was built in 1967 as the Summit Terminal, the largest support building for Killington’s first gondola, the highest capacity lift of its day. It was the longest ski lift in North America and the world at the time.
  • The original structure, nestled at 4,160 feet, was fully crafted by in-house work crews and Pres Smith himself. This footprint is the inspiration for the new state-of the art facility.
  • The cement for the lift and buildings in 1968 had to be bucketed in by helicopter, a first for the mountain.
  • Construction was interrupted in 1969 with a record year of 306 inches of snow and 183 days of operation. It was followed by a summer dock strike when lift components had to literally be fished out of the harbor.
  • Plans for the new $7 million facility launched in 2011, and despite Tropical Storm Irene, are on point for completion in winter 2013.
  • Sitting atop the highest lift-serviced peak in Vermont, the Peak Lodge is set to become the most diverse facility in Killington's arsenal, offering lounge space, event opportunities and an ambiance like no other. 

With a custom local menu, unparalleled vistas and sustainable design, the Peak Lodge captures the heart of the mountain with a fresh view for the future. Come see for yourself.