Recap: Monster Energy's K-Town Showdown #1

ktown-1_121512-1-1 (ktown-1_121512-1-1)

An old proverb from the park crew world is if you want it to snow, hold an event. Sure enough, this remained true as we received over 10” while preparing for the Monster Energy K-Town Showdown. Nevertheless, the show must go on and that is what it did!

ktown-1_121512-1-38 (ktown-1_121512-1-38)

Feeding on the successful set-up at Rails 2 Riches, park crew did not disappoint and produced a creative rail jam venue. The 72 skiers and riders took to the course pounding out combination after combination of tricks. After the snowy sessions were complete and scores tallied, the judges deemed Tim Major, Jack Sylvester, Maggie Leon, Jackie Kling, Caleb Kamins and Sam Gnoza top of the podium.



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Open Skier Men

1. Jack Sylvester

2. Zach Ryan

3. Hunter Tyrell


Open Skier Women

1. Jackie Kling

2. Miranda Holson

3. Megan Ellmaker


Open Rider Men

1. Tim Major

2. Bryan Kreischer

3. Spencer Bell


Open Rider Women

1. Maggie Leon

2. Lily Calabrese

3. Jamie Trayer


Grom Riders

1. Caleb Kamins

2. Joey Leon

3. Thomas Westcott


Grom Skiers

1. Sam Gnoza

2. Josh Tarricone

3. Jack Tague