Recap: Rails 2 Riches

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This past Saturday evening, December 8th, the legendary Rails 2 Riches rail jam took place despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to stop it.  A warm week of weather led up to the date of competition, but that didn’t stop our park crew from putting up arguably the best set-up ever for the event.  With the most features and a massive amount of snow to set them on, riders and skiers from all over North America descended upon the resort for $20,000 of cold hard cash.

Being the biggest rail jam on the East Coast and with a grip of cash on the line, competitors threw down from the onset of practice till the lights went out after the nighttime finals. In Qualifiers, 50 riders and 50 skiers duked it out for the right to move on to the finals.  Since competition was so tight for both riders and skiers, a few more spots were added to the finals because the judges couldn’t narrow it down to the best ten in each group to advance. 

The Finals under the lights just saw absolutely amazing trickery to determine the money spots.  Check our video recaps of the event for further proof. 



Snowboard Edit



Skier Men

1. John "LJ" Strenio" ($4,000) of Salt Lake City, UT

2. Giray Dadali ($2,000) of Salt Lake City, UT

3. Steve Stepp ($1,000) of Salt Lake City, UT


Rider Men

1. Riley Nickerson ($4,000) of Irvine, CA

2. Luke Haddock ($2,000) of Richmond, VT

3. Yale Cousino ($1,000) of Lincoln, VT


Skier Women

1. Jackie Kling ($1,000) of Lake Harmony, PA

2. Kim Lamarre ($500) of Lac-Beauport, QC

3. Catherine Warchal ($250) of Salt Lake City, UT


Rider Women

1. Lily Calabrese ($1,000) of Burlington, VT

2. Mary Rand ($500) of Saunderstown, RI

3. Emma Graham ($250) of West Dover, VT


Last Dash for Cash

Skier Men: John "LJ" Strenio ($500)

Rider Men: Shaun Murphy ($500)

Skier Women: Kim Lamarre ($250)

Rider Women: Lily Calabrese ($250)


Best Tricks ($100 each)

Skiers: Giray Dadali, John "LJ Strenio, Kieran McVeigh, Jackie Kling and Domenic Laporte

Riders: Shaun Murphy, Johnny O'Connor, Yale Cousino, Jeff DeForge and Luke Haddock