Rosey Full Pipe

Head Honcho of Killington Parks, Jay "Rosey" Rosenbaum, tests out his hardwork in the Superpipe


Tons of exciting things have been happening lately. During the past two weeks, we’ve opened our 18’ Superpipe and new Boardercross course, plus, four fresh rails are waiting for you at the bottom of Bear! And we’re not done yet – last night, new rails went into the Dream Maker Terrain Park and we rebuilt for this weekend’s mini slopestyle event, Monster Energy’s K-Town Showdown #3.

Speaking of K-Town #3, which is this Saturday, the park crew has built new rails for the event, which will be held on the lower part of Dream Maker.  But don’t worry; the upper part of the park will remain open for the day while the contest takes place.  Being a slopestyle contest, entries are limited, so it’s best to pre-register to get a spot. 

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The Stash Woods

The snow has been falling, and The Stash woods have once again opened.  That means another 30 features, tucked deep into the woods, are shred-ready.  Finding all 30 is one thing, but hitting all 30 is a whole other level. 

What’s up next? Come up to the mountain to find out or go to our Facebook page to get all the info when you can’t make it up to the hill. Plus, make sure to follow us on Instagram (@killingtonparks) and  #killingtonparks all day!

See you on the hill,